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faceapp download

Want to know how you’re going to look when you’re 70? There’s a promising app to show you the future.

what is faceApp?

FaceApp, a free mobile application available for both Android and iOS, uses artificial intelligence to age any selfie by a few decades, revealing what you might look like in the distant future.

FacaApp first became viral in 2017, but the technology has become even more realistic with many updates since then, causing it to go viral again.

The app has become viral with regular people and celebrities posting internet photos of their potential elderly individuals, wrinklers, selves.

Most of the outcomes are published on Twitter, some of them dramatic and funny.

FaceApp Download

how does faceApp work?

Developed in Russia, FaceApp has made waves on social media with its freakish features that enable consumers to see what they would look like younger, older, with distinct hair colors or as a distinct gender.

You can either take a picture or get one from your pre-existing gallery through the camera features of the app.

However, be careful about any app that asks for access to your private gallery for safety purposes. Like most applications, FaceApp has a privacy page that details how user content is used. The app admits that they can share user content and data with companies that are legally part of the same group of companies that face the app.

For many apps, this is normal, but if it’s something that defers you, you might just download FaceApp for a bit and scrap it when you’re done.

which celebrities are jumping on the old age viral challenge?

Since the app gained popularity in the last day or so, celebrities far and wide took snaps to show in a few years ‘ time what they would look like.

Here are the celebrities that have so far jumped on the bandwagon:

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