Tailwind CSS Z-index

Tailwind CSS Z-index

The tailwind CSS is a utility CSS framework that provides classes the manage our HTML content in the use of CSS. The tailwind CSS makes our designing part easier and responsive for multiple platforms.The z-Index utility is for controlling the stack order of an element. It is the alternative to the CSS z-index property. 

Utilities for controlling the stack order of an element.

Tailwind CSS Z-index

z-0z-index: 0;
z-10z-index: 10;
z-20z-index: 20;
z-30z-index: 30;
z-40z-index: 40;
z-50z-index: 50;
z-autoz-index: auto;

Tailwind CSS z-index classes:

  • z-0
  • z-10
  • z-20
  • z-30
  • z-40
  • z-50
  • z-auto

Note: In the above class, z-0 is equivalent to z-index:0 CSS property and so on.

z-0: It is used to give the z-index 0 to the element. 


<element class="z-0">....</element>

Control the stack order (or three-dimensional positioning) of an element in Tailwind, regardless of order it has been displayed, using the z-{index} utilities.

Tailwind CSS Z-index

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