What Is Workplace By Facebook: Expectations vs. Reality

what is workplace by Facebook

Facebook Workplace is a social networking tool. With the help of the tool, you can chat and collaborate with team members quite easily.

Facebook Workplace: Social Networking Tool for Workers

What Is Workplace By Facebook

Facebook Workplace is a big step for Facebook when it faces immense competition from Microsoft. The latter had introduced its workplace chat tool ‘Teams’ in November. And now, a social network like LinkedIn is also on its side, which definitely gives Microsoft a point to prove.

The other rival is a start-up is called Slack. As of the last update as per DMR figures in May last year, Slack had 550,000 number of teams that use the free version, while 88,000 teams using the paid services.

Coming back to Facebook’s tool, it is called “Workplace Standard”. The paid version will be called “Workplace Premium”. It also has a free version known as the Workplace for Good.

facebook workplace features

As you would expect, the Facebook workplace tool isn’t for using it as we normally use the social network.

It means, instead of connecting with friends and family, its users interact with co-workers. Though, Facebook has been a brand in itself when it comes to the “social” aspect we talk about, probably not every company would want to go with it.

The reasons can be different and correct for individual companies. And not to forget the competition as mentioned above.

There could be reasons like a company wouldn’t prefer going through the process of full-scale enterprise deployment. Another reason could be the monitory thing. Actually, not every company can be in a position to pay for the Workplace.

Facebook WorkplaceCan the Free Version Help?

The officials in the company are betting that the free version will entice small businesses and companies in emerging markets.

The primary reason is that it is more cost-effective compared to its alternative Workplace Premium. It could be assumed that initially, the small scale organizations will go on to deploy the free version.

They could then go on to the next level – to Workplace Premium, as the company grows. This will not only give the company kind of a trial version to work with but also a feel of how the tool actually works.

Though the competition for Facebook Workplace is tough, it has left its rivals in a nervous situation.

As a matter of fact, the giant social networking site is pretty sure of its success in the days to come. After all, a brand and a name like “Facebook” are associated with the new service.

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