best chrome extension: Google’s password checkups

best chrome extension

Google has launched the best chrome extension designed to maintain secure online accounts at all times.

In our daily life, online safety has become one of the most important things.

There are plenty of tips to follow to maintain your private information, passwords and more secure online, Google has launched a fresh tool that will warn you if your Google password has been hacked.

Today in this article we’re going to learn more about the best chrome extension called password checkup.

Best Chrome Extension: google password checkup

best chrome extension

Password checkup checks your username and password against a database of exposed login credentials as described on the Google Security Blog. Password checkup expansion checks your passwords against “more than 4 billion emails Google knows are unsafe.”

Google’s password checkup plugin will do nothing until it detects that you have logged into a website whose data was previously compromised. If the recent “collection” leak discovers a login and password of more than 2 billion usernames and passwords, a message will appear warning that your information has been compromised.

If your login credentials are not in the database, you will be free to continue. However, if they match a set in Google’s database, you will be notified of the issue.

If Chrome detects that a credential has been robbed and released on the internet, the password checkup popup will prompt you to modify your password.

Checking passwords enables you re-secure accounts that are affected by data breach.

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How to use Password Checkup from Google:

  • Install the extension for password checkup on chrome.
  • Your browser bar will display the password checkup icon.
  • When you sign in with unsafe credentials, you will receive an alert.
  • Change your password so you don’t have to hack your account.
Download: Password check-up for Google Chrome

The Google password checkup extension, however, will also assist safeguard you beyond Google apps and websites

Hope it helps.

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