How to Start a Blog and Make Money from It – Official Guide

How to start a blog and make money

Would you like to know how to start a blog and get money from it? Well, you’re in the right place.

But let’s assume that with the term blogging you are still unknown. So what blogging is exactly?

Blog is the way your ideas or emotions can be expressed to your audience.

A blog is an information document released on the worldwide website that consists of discrete, often casual text entries (posts) in the style of a diary.

Forex, How many of you use Google Search on a daily basis to find any information, so when you enter any word in Google Search, thousands of relevant [ Blogs ] will appear in the search result.

Clicking on any of the top 5 search results will show you a website with the exact information you are looking for.

The person who writes a blog is called bloggers. And “Blogging” is the blog writing act.

There’s NO PROBLEM nowadays, if you don’t understand any programming language then you can begin a blog without any technical understanding.

Okay, let’s start on the path of blogging!

By tackling monetization strategies and content strategies for your new blog we will go through the basics of how to start a blog and make money.

Should I Launch A Blog?

Everyone can start their own blog. You should be a passionate person and one about any specific niche that we write. You can write blog post-articles in whatever language you are comfortable with about any expertise.

So you just have to stick to one blogging niche. To write more blog posts appropriate to your blog niche, you can search for thoughts. You can write to your blog for unlimited recipes if you begin with the food blog.

Blogging is an excellent task at home and appropriate for anyone without any knowledge. It has the ability to be your main earner of revenue.

To follow your passions, it can offer you independence and still make cash passively.

“‘You don’t need to quit your current job, you can also do blogging in your free time and once you start generating revenue.”

What Are The Basic Requirements For A Blog To Start?

The fundamental specifications for starting a blog/website are as follows:

  • Domain Name
  • Web – Hosting
  • Blogging Platform.

Here’s all I’m going to do while learning how to start a blog and make money:

This is the only guide you need to read to start a blog, make it lucrative, and it’s a lengthy guide. So pick up your coffee and start.

The best thing I’ve ever accomplished was to start a blog, and you can do it too!

STEP 1: Choose A Platform For Blogging

What is Blogging Platform?

A blogging platform is a blogging software or service you are using to post your content on the internet.

Which is the best platform for blogging?

Looking to start your own blog, but can’t figure out how to choose the best platform for blogging?

There are plenty of blogging platforms, but Blogger and WordPress are the two significant blogging platforms.

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If you get a wonderful platform like that. This opportunity shouldn’t be missed, it’s better to work under others for yourself.

“Become Your Own Boss!!”

Kajal Ahir

STEP 2: Select A Blog Niche(Subject)

You could start your own blog the most life-changing thing you could ever do for yourself.

The niche of your blog is the topic of your blog.

You need to plan ahead and select the subject that works for you for a good blog.

Most people make the mistake by mixing distinct subjects with a blog. But if your goal is to build a personal blog, I’d suggest it stick to a topic. If you’d like to write about technology, for example, just write about technology. If you are interested in beauty products, start a beauty blog.

I’d suggest that a newbie blogger begin their interest in a fresh blog.

STEP 3: Domain & Web-Hosting

Now you need to build a blog domain name and host your blog/website as well.

A domain name is a blog’s URL used by a visitor to open a blog.

How to start a blog and make money

You get an address such as when you start a blog on BlogSpot.

And you get an address like when you start a blog on the platform.

If you want to begin a custom domain blog (e.g., you need to purchase a domain name from the domain name registrars.

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to publish on the internet a website or web page. It is a server that stays online 24 * 7 and all data about your blog will be stored on this server (hosting).

[Your hosting server is where your blog will “live”. it’s what allows you to have your own space on the internet. it’s kind of like buying your own land to build your own house.]

How to Start a Blog and Make Money from It - Official Guide

However, a domain name registration does not automatically provide you with a hosting service. You will also need an account to host a website for that.

Many hosting companies also provide domain name registration service. This allows you to manage both services with one account.

Now you don’t need a hosting account if you start with Blogger. But if your objective is to begin a WordPress blog, you need a hosting.

Here are the best WordPress hosting that you can buy.

Best domain providers:

STEP 4: Install WordPress Via Cpanel

CPanel is the dashboard given to clients by most internet hosts.

Your host should provide you with login information for cPanel when you sign up for hosting. And the cPanel interface looks like this for most hosts:

how to start a blog and make money

Find the Softaculous App installer in cPanel and find the WordPress icon to get started.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money from It - Official Guide

Click on the WordPress icon. then a new dashboard will open.

how to start a blog and make money

Now you’re installing WordPress on your domain name, click Install Now. It’s very easy.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money from It - Official Guide

Now, by going to / WP-admin, you can log in to your brand new WordPress install.

That’s it! Your Blog is ready to use.

STEP 5: Blog Design

Blog design is the most important component of your blog because the great design will ensure that your visitors love your blog.

You need a lovely theme for your blog after installing WordPress.

You can install on your website thousands of pre-made WordPress themes. Some are going to be free while others are paid.

You can change your theme by going to your WordPress dashboard and by clicking Appearances>>Themes.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money from It - Official Guide

Once you have selected your WordPress theme, you are now ready to create your first blog post.

STEP 6: Writing The Blog Post

Writing your first post is the most significant thing. Something you know can always begin with.

Guide to Write a Blog:

  • Write the article in detail
  • For excellent traffic, you can write1000+ phrases on the blog.
  • Write in a paragraph no more than five lines.
  • Use subheading (H2, H3 forex). 
  • Don’t copy Google pictures.
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STEP 7: Add Significant Pages

Here are some significant pages on your blog that you should have.

  • Contact Us page
  • About Us page

Contact Us Page: A contact form page. To generate a contact form on WordPress, you can use free contact form 7 plugin.

About Us Page: Contain information about you and your blog.

STEP 8: Learn SEO

What does SEO mean?

SEO is the practice of using organic search engine results to improve the quantity and quality of traffic on your website.

Some of the variables that can affect SEO include the article name, URL structure, length and meaning of content, and many more.

SEO has three key components:

  1. On-page SEO
  2. On-site SEO
  3. Off-site SEO

Here are some articles you should definitely read about SEO:

Most beginners do not optimize for SEO when setting up a blog. If you want more traffic, it’s vital to optimize your SEO blog from the beginning.

To get began, you must first install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin. It is the complete WordPress SEO plugin that will help you optimize your blog.

Blogger blog SEO:

In Blogger, SEO is easy, just follow these measures:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard Blogger > > settings>>basic and enter the name and description of your blog.
  2. Now go to search preferences in the same TAB and re-enter your blog description and that’s it.

STEP 9: Promote Your Blog

Blog promotion is a key factor in getting that traffic.

Writing great content is often not enough. You need to know how to promote that content.

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There are many ways to promote a blog:

  • Social media marketing: Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic through social media sites.
  • Forum marketing: Forum marketing is sharing the knowledge base about the area of your expertise in online public forums.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is a way to directly communicate to your audience through email.
  • Guest posting: Guest posting means writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog.
  • Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is the process of posting comments on article/post of other people’s blog/website.

STEP 10: Making Money From Your Blog

Now that you’ve created and tailored your blog to your liking, you’re probably wondering how I can make money from my blog?

Here are some of the best ways to make money for your blog:

1.Google AdSense

AdSense (Google AdSense) is the ad placement service provided by Google.

By displaying advertisements on their blog, many bloggers make cash.

You can gain cash from your web content using Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a publicity program that allows you to operate and pay for advertisements on your website, blog or YouTube videos when you click on them.

The AdSense program can be one of the fastest ways to create revenue for fresh websites or blogs.

2.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of your blog’s most common ways of making money online.

Affiliate marketing is a referral agreement where you receive a commission from an internet distributor (Advertiser) when consumers buy their item from your referral link.


If your blog is so famous you will receive good messages from businesses for sponsorships. This is a wonderful way online to earn cash.

4.Direct Advertisement

Most of the time you’re using ad networks like Google AdSense or to put ads on your blog, you generally pay them to locate advertisers for you.

Once your website has good traffic, it’s time for you to leave the 3rd party advertiser and look for direct advertisers.

The first place to obtain direct advertisements is to list yourself in marketplaces like AdClerks or BuySellads.

you’ll be happy(i hope)

Most of all, I really hope you find happiness and satisfaction as you learn how to start a blog and make money from it.

As for you, I wish you only the very best as you continue to learn how to start a blog and make money from it.


Blogging is the most recommended ways and experts also recommend to do blogging and earn money.

You have learned,

  • How to start a blog and make money from it
  • write a blog post
  • How to do Blog SEO
  • How to publicize your blog

I think this article help you to start a new blog.

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