top 500+ .net interview questions for 3 years experience

.net interview questions for 3 years experience

There are given top frequently asked .Net interview questions and answers that has been asked in many companies. Let’s see the list of .Net Interview Questions for 3 years experience.

.Net Interview Questions for 3 years experience

1) What is BCL?

  • BCL is a base class library of classes, interfaces and value types
  • It is the foundation of .NET framework applications, components, and controls
  • Encapsulates a huge number of common functions and make them easily available for the developers
  • It provides functionality like threading, input/output, security, diagnostics, resources, globalization, etc.
  • Also serves the purpose of interaction between user and runtime
  • It also provides namespaces that are used very frequently. for eg: system, system.Activities, etc.

2) How many languages are supported by .NET at present time?

When .NET was introduced first time, it supports many languages like VB.NET,C#,COBOL, and Perl etc. At present time it supports almost 44 languages.

3) What is caching? Explain.

Caching is the technique which facilitates you to store frequently used items in memory so that they can be accessed more quickly.

4)What is the concept of Postback in ASP.NET?

Postback is a request which is sent from a client to the server from the same page user is working with. There is an HTTP POST request mechanism in ASP.NET. It posts a complete page back to the server to refresh the whole page.

5) Write an algorithm and program to determine whether or not a word is a palindrome.

We can do it in either of the following two ways:

a) Using a built-in function as in the following:

.Net Interview Questions for 3 years experience

b) Without using a built-in function.

When I wrote the first program, the interviewer asked me to write the same without using a built-in function.

.Net Interview Questions for 3 years experience

6)Can you use multiple inheritance in .NET?

.NET supports only single inheritance. However the purpose is accomplished using multiple interfaces.

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7) What is the parent class of all web server control?

System.Web.UI.Control class

8)Explain different types of validators in ASP.NET?

Required field Validator
Range Validator
Compare Validator
Custom Validator
Regular expression Validator
Summary Validator

9) What is LINQ?

It is an acronym for Language integrated query which was introduced with visual studio 2008. LINQ is a set of features that extend query capabilities to the .NET framework language syntax that allows data manipulation irrespective of the data source. LINQ bridges the gap between the world of objects and the world of data.

10) What is the difference between a page theme and a global theme?

Page Theme: The page theme is applied to particular web pages of the project. It is stored inside a subfolder of the App_Themes folder.

Global Theme: The Global theme is applied to all the web applications on the web server. It is stored inside the Themes folder on a Web server.

11) How do you prevent a class from being inherited?

In C#, we can use the sealed keyword to prevent a class from being inherited.

12)  Explain localization and globalization.

It means changing the already globalized application to cater to a specific language or culture.Globalization is the process of developing applications to support multiple languages.
Microsoft.Extensions.Localization is used to localize the application content.Existing applications can also be converted to support multiple languages.

13) What is the code to send an email from an ASP.NET application?

.Net Interview Questions for 3 years experience

14)  What is the difference between server-side scripting and client-side scripting?

Server-side scripting: In server-side scripting, all the script are executed by the server and interpreted as needed.

Client-side scripting: In client-side scripting, the script will be executed immediately in the browser such as form field validation, email validation, etc.

The client-side scripting is usually carried out in VBScript or JavaScript.

15)What is the default timeout for a cookie?

30 minutes.

16)Write the output of the following program.

top 500+ .net interview questions for 3 years experience

A. It will throw a compilation error.

B does not contain a constructor that takes 1 argument. If you want to make this program run, you must create a parameterized constructor for class B also.

17) What is the file extension of web service?

The File extension of web service is .asmx.

18)What are the types of session in asp net?

 Following are the different types of session modes available in ASP.NET:

  • Off.
  • InProc.
  • StateServer.
  • SQLServer.
  • Custom.

19) What is the difference between ExecuteScalar and ExecuteNonQuery?

top 500+ .net interview questions for 3 years experience

20) From which base class all web Forms are inherited?

All web forms are inherited from page class.

This article mainly concentrates on the framework concepts of .Net and .NET Core. We are sure that it would give you sufficient information and a fair knowledge of the common questions that will be asked during an interview.

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